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    Mia B. Love (Rep) Mayor, Saratoga Springs

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    Jim Matheson (Dem) Member of Congress

  • Jim L. Vein (L)

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What differences do you see between yourself and your opponent(s)?

What specific measures should be taken to fix the nation's economy?

What needs to be done to reform the nation's health care system?

What is your position on the Affordable Care Act? If opposed, what specific alternatives would you suggest to improving the nation's health care system? If favor, what specific provisions do you believe will improve the nation's health care system?

What federal actions should be taken to ensure the United States is a world leader in educating children?

What is the most important issue your electoral position faces? How would you resolve this issue?

I will vote with Utah and Mitt Romney to reduce the debt, turn the economy around and create real jobs. Jim Matheson has voted with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi over 75% of the time. His voting pattern does not represent the Utah I know. Utah deserves a leader who trusts the people and will tell them the hard truth about where we are and what we need to do in order to preserve our future. We need a leader who is prepared to engage in dialogue about realities, priorities and solving America’s problems. As Mayor of Saratoga Springs we achieved a AAA bond rating, one of the lowest crime rates in the county and continue to attract new citizens and new businesses. I cut property taxes, reduced unnecessary spending all while managing major population growth. On important issues Jim Matheson chose to vote for the President’s failed stimulus package, against the repeal of Obamacare and for many other costly programs. We shouldn’t look to Washington for the solution to every problem. When the citizens of Saratoga Springs wanted a community library we developed a strategy and created a wonderful place of learning – without government funding. We built it. Unfortunately my opponent is running a campaign of distraction and distortion in an attempt to destroy me and keep his job. Mr. Matheson held a press conference making claims against my record which, local media proved and his own campaign later admitted, were false and wrong. Utahns deserve better. Utahns want a real leader who will lead from the front. Jim Matheson regularly sits on the sidelines while the major principle and policy battles are fought. Then once it is clear who will win, he picks a side. Leading from the back isn’t leading at all. I will stand on principle and stand for the good people of Utah and what is important to our great state. Jim Matheson is voting for Barack Obama and big government. I am voting for Mitt Romney, small government, more jobs and big changes in Washington.
Over-regulation and out-of-control spending have stifled our ability to successfully grow our economy the American way. The entrepreneurial spirit that lives in the hearts and homes of our citizens cannot thrive while the government is picking winners and losers, increasing the cost of doing business with burdensome regulation and creating uncertainty in the marketplace. Washington needs to get out of the way and remove its heavy hand from off the backs of the private sector, especially small businesses. We must support the private exploration and responsible use of our natural resources, reducing our dependence on foreign energy and creating jobs at home. We send billions of dollars every year out of the United States to oil producing countries, some which are not our friends. Unnecessary dependence on foreign partners has hurt our growth and continues to negatively affect our economy and national security. Utah is especially hard-hit by not being able to develop our energy resources as it stifles our economy while impacting our families and severely crippling our children’s education.I fully support the Romney/Ryan 5-point plan which includes: energy independence, education and skills development, trade policies that work for America, cutting the deficit and promoting small business.As Mayor, I reduced debt while maintaining service levels. Under my leadership, Saratoga Springs has one of the lowest debt levels in Utah County, all without bonding or burdensome taxes. These same principles will work in Washington. The nation’s debt, increasing over $1 trillion every year of the Obama presidency, is not the citizens’ fault. We are paying for their reckless spending now and our grandchildren will be the ones required to pay later. The revenue coming in is not the issue; it is the spending that needs to be fixed. We must also work to simplify the tax system, lower the overall tax rate, cut government spending and require Washington to balance the budget.
The first action item in our health care system is to immediately and fully repeal Obamacare. We need to start over. Our health care system cannot heal or succeed until this happens.Americans deserve the right to purchase health care plans across state lines. This will increase competition and drive down prices while simultaneously increasing the quality of delivery. If government will step aside and let free market principles take over, competition will create efficiency, quality and lower costs to keep our health care strong and growing. We need meaningful tort reform in the country to reign in the massive costs of litigation that care providers often incur.
As stated in the previous question, The Affordable Care Act is a bad law and needs to be repealed immediately. It was passed by a Congress that didn’t even have time to read what was in it. The Affordable Care Act promised to lower premiums and improve service but neither have happened. We now have fewer choices and higher costs. The government needs to step back and allow free market principles to work.In addition to tort reform and real market competition it is vital that we keep health care dollars and decisions with individuals and their doctors. Having bureaucrats in Washington controlling dollars and decisions is not a path to better healthcare outcomes.
Education is best handled at the state and local level. Whenever government gets too involved in anything, bad things happen. Our education system is a prime example of this. Allowing the states to take back the control of the education system is an important first step. Parents, teachers, local administrators and communities are best able to make critical education decisions and evaluate outcomes. Since the 1980s, college tuition has gone up over 500%, a cost increase greater than nearly any other product or service in our nation. Why? Because schools have no incentive to bring down prices, only to increase them. We are creating the ultimate barrier to education because the federal government is too involved. The choice now for most Americans is to either incur massive student loans and debt or not pursue higher education. Again, this shows how when government is too involved, choices are diminished and prices increase dramatically while service and positive outcomes decrease. Funding for education in the State of Utah is another significant issue. Because the Federal government controls two-thirds of our land we are unable to access a vital resource for funding the education of our children. We must have access to lands and resources for our children to succeed in a global economy.
The issues facing citizens in the 4th Congressional District are similar to those facing all Utahns and the nation. The size and cost of government is overwhelming our citizens and undermining our economy. Debt, deficit spending, jobs and the economy drive my desire to be the first representative of the newly created 4th District. The President and my opponent have created an America that looks more like Europe and less like the America Utahns know and love. The Obama and Matheson policies have made all Americans and specifically the most vulnerable in society more desperate and dependent on government, less self-reliant, less upwardly mobile and ultimately less free. Their America is an ever-expanding nanny state that is simply unsustainable and unhealthy for our people.What makes America great is the idea that when government is limited people are free – free to work, free to choose, free to fail and free to achieve. President Obama’s and Jim Matheson’s solutions include more government, more debt and less freedom. What we really need is less government, less debt and more freedom. The America and Utah I know make tough choices. As the mayor of a small town facing fiscal challenges, we put limited government, fiscal discipline and personal responsibility first in order to create a community that could last. Facing challenging choices head-on inspires our citizens to get involved and change the way government works. My focus will be to restore the kind of fiscal discipline that defines and drives Utah’s success. The answers to the problems that face the citizens in the 4th District will not come from Washington. I will fight everyday to get Congress to reduce spending, retire the debt, eliminate unneeded regulation, create energy independence and unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit. A strong economy will provide the assurance that the America we pass on to our children and grandchildren will be the America we have known.
I am an independent voice who looks at every issue on the merits and then does what is right for Utah. I share the frustration of many Utahns with the finger-pointing and the partisan bickering that has resulted in gridlock. I practice the politics that I was raised on by my mom and dad: Be honest, listen to all points of view and take a thoughtful, common sense approach to offer constructive solutions. I am proud of my record as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress -- working across the aisle to advance good ideas. My opponent puts party first, I put Utah first. It is that simple.
The government cannot and should not run the economy. I look for policies that allow the private sector to thrive, help businesses grow and that foster innovation and global competitiveness. As someone who ran my own small business, I understand how uncertainty and burdensome regulation exact a cost. Employers need certainty when it comes to tax and regulatory policy so that they can plan. I support tax cuts for small businesses, a lower overall corporate tax rate to allow American companies to compete in the world and open trade policies to expand markets. I have voted to cut red tape and hold the government accountable for its actions. I am proud to be endorsed by both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business - groups that represent millions of companies large and small throughout America.
Health care is the most deeply personal -- and most complicated -- issue that I have dealt with in this job. I believe in access to quality, affordable health care, but I also know that health care costs are out of control and are responsible for the majority of our budget deficit problems. That is why I consistently opposed Obamacare and I have voted to repeal it. From the beginning, the law failed my most fundamental test: it lacks the reforms that will lower escalating health care costs. Those costs threaten Utah families' and small employers' ability to afford health insurance. There are many, many variables that must be addressed to solve the health care cost equation. They include: too many medically unnecessary procedures; the need for medical malpractice reform; bloated administrative costs; and lack of sufficient primary care resources. The good news is that I see enormous opportunity to "bend the cost curve" and achieve savings for families, senior citizens and businesses. Real reform will require strong bipartisan effort and an honest, constructive discussion about how to implement changes.
As stated above, I consistently opposed the ACA and I have voted to repeal the law. It fails to address the basic problem of how to rein in escalating health care costs, which grow at a higher rate than inflation every year. As listed above, there is no simple "fix" but rather dozens--perhaps hundreds--of requirements. As with successful reform to the welfare system in the 1990s, reforming health care will require strong bipartisanship and the work of all the major stakeholders at the table to identify and resolve the perverse incentives that keep us on an unsustainable path.
Education is the key to securing our children's future and bolstering Utah's economy. It is the best investment we can make in our kids and in our communities. I believe that primary and secondary education decisions belong at the local level, made by Utah parents, teachers and school administrators. I have voted for bipartisan efforts to keep student loans available to Utah college students and their families, and to prevent interest rates on those loans from increasing. My opponent advocates eliminating all federal college aid. I support the state of Utah/private sector goal of 66 percent of Utahns holding a college degree or certificate by 2020. I have also been a strong proponent of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. I supported the renewal of the America COMPETES Act that provides funding and technical support of STEM programs.
The federal government must learn to live within its means, balance its budget and lower federal deficits and debt. I have voted to cut nearly $3 trillion in federal spending, to impose spending caps and for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. I successfully led the effort to reinstate the budget enforcement rule known as pay-as-you-go. I voted for Rep. Paul Ryan's bill providing for a presidential line-item veto. I introduced the Freedom to Invest Act, which would remove disincentives for America's most successful global companies to return billions of dollars of private capital from overseas in order to invest here at home. I support tax code reform that will level the playing field and allow U.S. companies to compete, to expand, and to hire.
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